Zenith Manual

📊 Manage Token(s)

This section will go over all of the settings once your token's contract is created.
Once you select "Manage Token(s)" from the main menu and select the desired token, you'll see the manage menu below:
*if you chose the basic tax token creation instead of the advanced, you will not see black list functions below*
Manage Token Menu
We'll walk through each button below.

✅ Verify Contract

Recommended first step before adding LP below. Verifying will publish the source code for the token on Etherscan.
  • Add website, twitter, telegram, and discord link if you'd like. These will appear at the top of your Contract Address and drive more people to your platforms

➕Add LP

Adding LP to the contract. *If you selected "🏛 Basic ERC 20" token deployment, Adding LP will also enable trading of the token".
  • Submit how much ETH you want to add to the starting LP when prompted
  • Dictate the % of the supply you want added to the LP (most users put "100" here) - numbers only
  • Confirm

🟢 Enable Trading

For "💰 Tax Token" and "💰👨‍🔬Tax Token Advanced", hit enabling trading to make the token live.

🔐 Lock LP

Define how many days you wish to lock the LP.
  • Typically a safe signal for investors for the peace of mind that the project wont be rugged

♾️ Remove Limits

Gets rid of all limits including max transaction and max wallet.

⌛ Disable Transfer Delay

Our contracts naturally have transfer delays built in them to fight against MEV bots. It doesn't let a user execute 2 transactions all in the same block to prevent sandwhich transactions. Disabling this will effectively remove this function, however if you have a tax on, this naturally deters sandwich bots.

🔼🔽 Change Buy/Sell Tax

Edit your buy and sell tax.
  • you will not be able to edit taxes after you select "🙌 Renounce Ownership"

✂️ Change Max Transaction

Edit the max transaction % per buy - numbers only.

🗳 Exclude From Max Transaction

Paste the address of the wallet you wish to be exempt from the max transaction % policy.

📥 Exclude From Fees

Paste the address of the wallet you wish to be exempt from tax fees. AKA Whitelist feature.

⚫⚪Blacklist/Un-Blacklist Wallet

Paste the address of the wallet you wish to blacklist or un-blacklist.

💿Send Tokens

Paste the address of the wallet you wish to send team tokens to. Define how many you wish to send.

🔥 Buy Back

Elect how much ETH you wish to buy back. This feature will utilize the ETH generated from the dev tax.

➖ Remove LP

Removes 100% of the LP. Token is effectively ended/over at this point.
  • You will not be able to remove LP until the locked LP date arrives (you will decide this under the "🔐Lock LP function") and you select "🔓 Withdraw Lock (MM/DD/Year)"

🙌 Renounce Ownership

This will relinquish any ability to edit the contract. This is typically a safe signal for investors who are looking to buy. Renouncing Ownership will forfeit the ability to edit:
  • Buy/Sell Tax
  • Change Max Txn
  • Change Max Wallet
  • Exclude from Max Txn
  • Exclude from Fees
  • Blacklist/Un-Blacklist
Once you have renounced, you will only be able to send team tokens, execute a buy back, or withdraw the lock once the lock expires.