Zenith Manual

💰👨‍🔬 Tax Token (Advanced)

This section will describe the main differences between the regular "💰Tax Token" and "💰👨‍🔬Tax Token (Advanced)" settings when creating your token.

Tax Token (Advanced)

All of the settings in the previous section will apply here except for a few minor tweaks.
Under the advanced creation, you will be able to break up the buy and sell taxes into different categories:
  • Liquidity Tax = % of taxes that will get auto added to the Liquidity Pool
  • Dev Tax = % of the taxes that will route to the dev wallet
  • Marketing Tax = % of the taxes that will route to a separate marketing wallet
Lastly, you will be asked for your marketing wallet. Paste the wallet address you wish to designate as the marketing wallet. The marketing tax you dictated above will route to this address.
Jump to the "📊Manage Token(s)" section where we will cover the various features that will help make your token tradeable, along with other post-launch tools at your disposal.